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The main reason why most of us look for water softener reviews online or water softening system buying guides is because of the challenges that a hard water brings. Once I was fed up with clogged pipes, damaged water appliances, faded clothes and lime scale residue everywhere; I decided to get myself a quality water softening system. I read reviews on www.watersoftener-review.com and discovered that it wasn’t so difficult to purchase a quality water softening system.

  1. Do you need a water softener?

When buying a water softener, first, you have to make sure that you actually have hard water that needs to be softened. That way, you won’t waste money on purchasing a water softening system when you don’t really need it. You can easily test for hardness by checking if you have spots or stains on your clothes and dishes after washing them. Hard water is basically water that has too many mineral grains, which makes it unhealthy for domestic use. Although it does not really have any health risks, it can clog pipes, damage water appliances, clothing and dishes. This is why water softeners are needed when you have hard water.

  2. How much water do you need?

You should also consider how much water you need every day. After taking note of how much water we consume in my home, I realized that a water softening system with an average capacity would be ideal. Water softener manufacturers usually indicate the capacity of softened water that the softening system produces every day. You should look out for the water softening system that would give out just enough water for you and your family. If you have a large family, you would need a lot of water and so a water softener with a large capacity would be ideal, but if not, you can just purchase one with a small capacity.

  3. Think about installation costs

Water softening system installations can be difficult, or even expensive if you have to hire the services of a plumber. Buying a water softening system that has an easy installation process which you can do yourself is advisable. You can also look out for water softening systems whose company’s provide installation services. Ensure you negotiate the price of installation so that you don’t spend much money. I preferred a water softener with an easy DIY installation process because it was straightforward to install; although it all depends on how good you are with tools.

  4. Health Requirements

There are salt-based water softeners, and salt-free water softeners. As the name implies, salt-based water softeners make use of salts when softening the water. When searching for the perfect water softener, I realized that those with special health requirements, especially those who have to limit their salt intake, cannot use a salt-based water softener. This is because the salt in the water would increase the level of the person’s salt intake. If this is the case for you or any member of your family, you should consider the salt-free water softener.

When you are finally sure of what exactly you want, you would easily pick out the water softening system that is ideal for you and your family. All that really matters is the size and the type of water softener that you think is best. Remember that water softening systems need constant maintenance and cleaning, especially salt-based water softeners which require the replacement of the salt on a constant basis.


There is also the usual concern of water pressure. Before purchasing my water softener, I heard myths that water softening systems reduce water pressure. No one enjoys low water pressure, but after much research, I found out that as long as your water softener isn’t undersized, or installed incorrectly, it would not cause low water pressure. This is why you are advised to hire a plumber when installing a water softening system so that an incorrect installation won’t mess with your whole plumbing system.

Basically, a water softening system is great when you need it, and as long as you purchase the ideal one and install it correctly. All that is needed after purchase is to clean it often and properly maintain it so that you can enjoy clean, healthy, soft water.

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